10 Ways to Get Beginner Gymnasts Ready for Handstands!


As gymnastics coaches, we know how important handstands are — they are everywhere!   Helping kids feel comfy upsidedown and on their hands is one of our greatest challenges!

Here are 10 creative ways for teaching handstands to wee ones… best suited for to use in beginner preschool and recreational level gymnastics & tumbling classes!


1 — With the Plank! (don’t flip ’em til they are ready!)


2 — Elevated feet walks (the closer the hands to the block, the more vertical they are!)


3 — Back and Forths!  (Amazing for cartwheels too!)


4 — Up & Down the Mountain! (check out the caption for the benefits of this one)


5 — Donkey Kicks! (practicing that support on two hands!)


6 — Broken Leg Walks (getting ready for the kick up to handstand!)


7 — Hickory, Dickory, Handstand! (for those who love nursery rhymes)


8 — Working That Reach! (getting stronger and starting to get the concept!)


9 — Beam Shuffle (because why not use the beam for this??)


10 – You Gotta Start Somewhere… (harder than it looks for those wee ones)



(BONUS — just because it is SO stinkin’ CUTE)

If you are looking for something a little more in depth and technical for handstands, check out:


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