4 Steps to Creating Perfect Parent Tot Stations by Happy Gymnastics


I am so excited about Happy Gymnastics — a fairly new resource on the web for pre-school programs, ideas & lesson plans!   Recently there was a write up about creating perfect P&T stations — which complimented nicely the recent round table did on the same topic!

At my gym, even though the kids are the ABSOLUTE CUTEST, Parent & Tot is the single most intimidating class for my teenage coaches to deliver. And often the hardest classes to cover because they Fear The Adults (my fav is when they say “what if the parents talk to me?!?!”). I’m regularly reminding nervous coaches that while the adults may be older, they are NOT the experts in gymnastics. Plus, parents are human. All they want is their kid to have fun and earn to move their body.

And maybe from time to time, they want someone else to chase after Jimmy when he takes off for the 12th time towards the pit.

For us, having a more purposeful program has helped my staff feel more confident in leading P&T classes.  This session we re-vamped it entirely to include mini-themes each week, more music, new ways to learn basic skills and stations aimed at parent-bonding and just plain old fun.  I’m pleased with the results so far and it’s breathed a bit of new life into the program.  It’s so nice not to be stuck in the “same old”!

For some great tips on creating parent & tot stations, check out Happy Gymnastic’s article!  Click the link or photo below to open it in a new browser 🙂

4 Steps to Creating Perfect Parent Tot Stations | Happy Gymnastics