Epic Tunnel for Preschool & Rec Gymnasts


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At our gym, it is tradition that the 2nd last week of our quarterly session is “Fun Week” — by this point, all the progress reports are done and ready for the end of the session and as celebration of all the hard work and learning that has happened over the previous weeks, we play a lot of games!

At some point, years ago, someone started building huge tunnels as part of Fun Week. There were times that these tunnels spanned the entire length of the floor. I have since stopped making them quite so big because a) it was a little sketchy and b) it blocked the view of the rest of the gym and parents complained (party poopers!). So I started to think about more fun ideas for preschool gymnasts that still used the tunnel in some form.

Last month we bought an awesome slide (from Speith America) and I knew it had to be included in the tunnel… I’d also been scheming to include a mini pit!

Here is the result! Pretty sturdy and the kids loved it!


I would love to see any tunnels you have built!  Send them my way (recgympros @ gmail . com) or tag me on instagram (@recgympros)

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