Four Square Hula Hoop


Just 4 hoops and 4 bean bags (or scarves, or dice, or any small-ish item) — that is all you need for Four Square Hula Hoop!

Basically this game has the kids holding front support while  trying to move the bean bag from their own hoop to one of the others.  To see a video of how it’s played and a full explanation, check out the S&S Blog Post here that features this activity!

This game is great for 3 main reasons:

  1. Front Support/Plank positioning — great for core strength!
  2. Arm strength & weight transferring — by shifting weight to one hand in order to toss the item, kids learn to move from one hand to the other (essential for cartwheels, round-offs, pirouette skills)…. not to mention just supporting weight on arms build strength for all skills that do the same (handstands, walkovers, handspring, etc).
  3. It’s FUN!!! — I’m a sucker for conditioning that is diguised as a game 🙂