Resource: Gymnastics Skills Coaching Handbook


This site has tons of information on it! It lists SO MANY skills and how to break them down with many drill suggestions and spotting tips. It’s text-heavy but if you take the time, there is a lot of great content. They start at the very basic level — making this a good resource for rec level staff.

If I have some beginner coaches asking me for skills & drills or spotting techniques, in addition to whatever I can teach them hands-on in the gym, I would definitely consider sending them the link to this site… it never hurts to send out resources for developing skill understanding and teaching ideas.

It looks like it focuses on the 4 women’s apparatus, though at beginning levels of gymnastics there is significant overlap and boys programs should be able to find useful ideas on the page as well.

Here is a quick screen capture of their Bars (basic hanging & swings section).


Check it out:  Gymnastics Skills Coaching Handbook