Round Table: Five Minute Time-Fillers!


It’s time for another Round Table!

If this is your first round table — welcome!  We are glad you are joining us!!!  Please take a couple minutes to read our Intro to Round Tables so you know what to expect and how our Round Tables work. The general idea is that in return for submitting an idea on the given topic, you’ll receive a compilation of everyone’s ideas! It’s a “give a little, get a lot” equation.

This time we are discussing the follow topic:

What are your best “5 minute time-fillers” that require minimal space?

We know in a perfect world, your little gymnasts are moving the entire time they are in the gym – maximizing every minute of their class.  We also know that sometimes, things don’t flow perfectly – especially in busy gyms! As coaches it helps to be prepared with a few time-fillers for when the time comes – ideally that require very little room!

NOTE: Please be thoughtful with your responses – vague responses like “I make them do conditioning while we wait” will not be included in the compilation (since the idea isn’t really helpful, specific or particularly interesting).  BUT, if you have a specific or unique conditioning activity/game or that is engaging for the kids you coach,  AWESOME! Tell us everything about it!  

Some considerations to spark your submission ideas:

  • What do you do when you have to wait 5 minutes for the equipment you need to come available?
  • What do you do when you have 5 minutes left of class, but you’ve  already done all the events?
  • What do you have your gymnasts do while they wait for their turn (to climb the rope, etc)?


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

HOW TO SUBMIT: Send your submission to (email, .doc or .pdf) by the deadline above.

** Please remember**

  1. Those who contribute a submission will get compilation of all the ideas I receive. Those who don’t, won’t.
  2. Please try to use proper spelling & grammar. I hate editing so please spellcheck and save my sanity.
  3. Be specific. Give enough details that other Rec Gym Pros can use your idea at their gyms.
  4. Feel free to submit more that one idea.
  5. Send photos if you have them!

If you do not want your name & email credited below your idea, please let me know when you email your submission.

I look forward to your creative input! 🙂