Roundtable: Appreciating & Motivating Your Coaching Staff!


Hello Rec Gym Pros!  If you are new to our roundtables, please take a moment to read our Intro to Round Tables so you know what to expect and how it works.

The general idea is that in return for submitting an idea on the given topic, you’ll receive a compilation of everyone’s ideas! It’s a “give a little, get a lot” equation.

This time we are discussing:

We all know that without our coaches, there would be no gymnastics classes. The front line staff are the most important because they are the ones working with our little ones and giving them the best possible experience at our clubs.

If you are a coach – what does your gym do to acknowledge and appreciate what you do?  How do your supervisors or managers motivate and inspire you when the mis-session lull hits?

If you are manager/owner/supervisor — how do you appreciate your coaches and say thanks for what they do?  What kinds of things (big or small) do youdo to keep them motivated and engaged to do great work?

You are welcome to share something you (or your gym) has done or submit something that you think is a great idea you’d like to try!


SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  Saturday, June 10th, 2017

HOW TO SUBMIT: Send your submission to (email, .doc) by the deadline above. Photos/videos welcome!

** Please remember**

  1. Those who contribute a submission will get compilation of all the ideas I receive. Those who don’t, won’t.
  2. Please try to use proper spelling & grammar. I hate editing so please spellcheck and save my sanity 🙂
  3. Be specific. Give enough details that other Rec Gym Pros can use your idea at their gyms.
  4. Feel free to submit more that one idea.
  5. Send photos/videos/links if you have them!

If you do not want your name & email credited below your idea, please let me know when you email your submission.

I look forward to your creative input! 🙂