Skill: Back Roll Drills


Back rolls are one of those skills that coaches love or hate to teach. Here are some drills assembled by CSC University to help break down the skill.

This is a pretty old video showing 9 progressions for a tucked backward roll on FX. There are many great drills for…

Posted by CSC University on Sunday, 10 January 2016

One thing I would add at the start of the above video would be good old fashioned tuck rocks – from sitting and from standing!  It’s good practice to start learning the feeling of rolling backwards.

In my experience with the younger kids, one of the hardest things to teach about back rolls are “flat hands” so they can push off to their feet…. I’ve heard so many correction variations to help teach this – waiting for one of them to stick with the kid!

– put your hands like you would in a bridge
– start with your hands like you are holding pizzas, then smush them, toppings down, on the mat
– flat pancake hands on the mat
– tuck your fingernails under your shoulders

It usually takes a few attempts in slow motion and some heavy spots until they finally get it! 🙂