The Do’s and (Please) Don’ts of Dropping Off Your Kid | Tom Robinson


As gymnastics coaches, we know how big of a challenge it can be for little ones to come into class. Sometimes there are tears (from kid and/or the parent!) and sometimes full blown meltdowns.  For a lot of kids coming to gymnastics classes for the first time, it can absolutely be overwhelming.  There is a lot to take in and for many kids, it can be over-stimulating.

For kids who experience seperation anxiety, it is super important to get the parents on board.  More often than not, I end up coaching the parent through the experience.  Most kids usually settle in after a couple minutes and then are having fun in no time!

Here are some great tips and suggestions from Tom Robinson about the “The Do’s and (Please) Don’ts of Dropping Off Your Kid“. The article is meant for pre-school, but is totally relevant in our field as well!