The MEGA-RAMP (a.k.a. the most fun ever)!


About 11 years ago I was waiting with a summer camper, whose mom was late to pick her up from camp.  We went into the gym and she would run up a regular ol’ wedge (or cheese, some people call it) and jump into the foam pit.

We wanted to make it a little more fun, and before we knew it — the first MEGA RAMP was built!


The MEGA RAMP soon became a weekly tradition during our summer camps – reserved just for Friday afternoons as an end of the week treat.

Over the years, the MEGA RAMP has evolved (and for a brief period was so high and terrifying that it was outlawed for it’s shaky foundation).  Last Friday was the last day of summer camp for 2016, so we wrapped it up in the usual fashion – with the MEGA RAMP. Here is a video demonstration of it!

Try it out at your gym!