The TOP 6 CHRISTMAS WARM UP SONGS for Preschool Gymnastics!


Top 6 Christmas Warm \up & Action Songs for Preschool Gymnastics! || || @recgympros

Music + Christmas = no brainer! I love using music for warm ups no matter the season because kids respond so well when te tunes are blaing!  We are talkin’ serious smiles. people!  Here are 6 Christmas themed action & warm up songs that you can use foryour kindergym age kiddos!


1. The Dancing Christmas Tree by KidsTV123


2. Five Little Reindeers Jumping in the Snow by TinyDreamsKids


3. Reindeer Hokey Pokey by The Kiboomers


4. Christmas Freeze Dance by The Kiboomers


5. Shake Them Santa Claus Bones by the Kiboomers


6. Snowflakes by The Learning Station


Hope you have fun with these Christmas themed warm ups for your preshool gymnastics programs!!

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