Theme: Valentines + I Love Gymnastics Week!


Love is in the air!

We start Valentines Week themes tonight and also here in Canada it is “I Love Gymnastics Week” as well – so we are feeling the love everywhere!

The big thing we do at my gym this week is “I Love Gymnastics” necklaces. We do it for all classes from babies to teens.  Here is the reminder poster and sample I posted up for my coaches so that you can get an idea.

Want the template for the hearts?  CLICK HERE.

One of the expectations I have for my coaches is that they include weekly themes in their warm up (for age 6 and younger, at least). I let them invent their own if they are feeling innovative, but I always post a few ideas if they aren’t sure what to do. Here are the Valentines Week suggestions:

If you are looking for some of the best Valentine’s Day Songs on the net, don’t worry about it– I’ve already done the work for you! 😉
You can find the Top 10 Valentines Warm Up Songs here!

Lastly, I have a few props that I hold on to and re-use every year for this week.  Check out all the props:

To point out a few things:

  • Pink cups to be used as obstacles to step over on the beam or for games of Builder Vs. Bulldozers
  • Felt hearts will be targets for feet/hands/bean bag tossing
  • Extra hearts (foam) are mostly for warm up activites (or decoration)
  • Balloons (with hearts on them!) for fun play!
  • Heart hand stamps (the real reason kids come to gymnastics)
  • Streamers for decoration, usually!

And voila!  Valentines & I Love Gymnastics week all in a nutshell!

If you are interested in a FULL VALENTINES DAY & I LOVE GYMNASTICS THEME WEEK GUIDE – we have that too!

Preschool Gymnastics Valentines Theme Guide - Rec Gym Pros

It’s 11 pages of theme week tips, with over 9 active games/warm up activities, decoration tips, pictures, prinatable templates and even more!
Plus it’s only $5! Score!


Have a LOVELY Valentines, everyone!