The TOP 12 HALLOWEEN WARM UP SONGS for Preschool Gymnastics!


Halloween is quickly approaching — I can hardly believe it’s already time for pumpkins, candy and adorable kids in costumes!

Every year for Halloween, we theme our gymnastics programs to suit the holiday! It’s an easy one to do because the kids get so excited.  If you are new to theme weeks, check out my PRESCHOOL GYMNASTICS – HALLOWEEN THEME WEEK GUIDE! It’s only $5 with lots of tid bits, pictures, links and printable activity props.

But — you might just be here for the warm up songs!

There are the classics of course:

  • Monster Mash
  • Purple People Eater
  • Thriller
  • This is Halloween
  • Addams Family Theme Song
  • Ghostbusters

Aside from theses, there are SO MANY kid action songs on youtube just for Halloween and are so great for warm up and cool down activities for preschool gymnastics.  A lot of them focus on acting out creatures – which I love because it gets kids thinking (or just doing) movement in a new way. Plus it’s fun to walk like a zombie!

Without further ado…
Here are THE TOP 11 HALLOWEEN WARM UP SONGS for Preschool Gymnastics!

1 — “Monsters Stomp Around the House” by the Kiboomers

2 — “Halloween Freeze Game” by the Kiboomers

3 — “Halloween is Here” by The Kiboomers

4 — “Trick of Treat Song” by The Singing Walrus

5 — “Pumpkin Jack” by The Singing Walrus

6 — “Monster Shuffle” by The Learning Station

7 — “Haunted House” by The Learning Station

8 — “Stirring Our Brew” by The Learning Station

9 — “Skeleton Bones” by The Kiboomers

10 — “On Halloween” by Bounce Patrol Kids

11 — “Knock, Knock, Trick or Treat” by Super Simple Learning

12 — “Let’s Get Spooky!” by Super Simple Learning


There are do many to choose from!

Be sure to check out our Halloween Theme Guide for more ideas! 🙂

Happy halloween, everyone!