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Top 10 Posts on Recreational Gymnastics Professionals for 2017 || || @recgympros

Wowee!  It has been an awesome 2017 here at Rec Gym Pros —  our website  is the fullest it’s ever been with ideas & inspiration for recreational & preschool gymnastics coaches, managers and owners like you!

Since this time last year, it’s been so amazing (and humbling!) to see our community grow by leaps and bounds:

  • Our website traffic has tripled!
  • Our facebook page jumped from (a whopping) 135 followers to 2,750!
  • We started an account on Instagram and now we’re up around to 1825 followers!
  • Our mailing list subscription has also doubled!
  • Our roundtable contributions have tripled!

My absolute favourite thing about 2017 was the first ever RGP Rec Director Summit — where 40 of us were able to connect in real life to share our best practices, ask questions and swap resources, all related to recreational gymnastics topics that matter most.  I can’t wait for the next one (subscribe to our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out on it!).

So thank you to everyone who has been a part of the RGP tribe in 2017!  I still can’t believe this little website idea I had has turned into this and I am so excited to see what happens in 2018!!


Without futher ado — counting down, here are the top 10 posts by page views on our website this year:


10) 10 Ways to Get Beginner Gymnasts Ready for Handstands

10 Ways to Beginner Gymnasts Ready for Handstands  ||  ||  @recgympros


9) Candyland Theme Week!

Candyland Theme Week Guide  ||  ||  @recgympros


8) Super Hero Theme Week!


7) Drills for Back Hip Circles

Back Hip Circle Drills  ||  ||  @recgympros



6) Partner Conditioning with Mary Lee Tracy!


5) Casting Drill!

casting drill


4) 6 Creative Ideas for Bars – Preschool Gymnastics

6 Creative Ideas for Bars - Preschool Gymnastics  ||  ||  @recgympros


3) ALL the (best!) Chin Up Pullover Drills

All the (best) drills for teaching chin up pullovers


2) Vault Drills: Handsprings & Board Approach

Vault drills & progresstions for recreational gymnastics & proper board approach  ||  || @recgympros


1)  6 Awesome Theme Weeks For Your Pre-School Program (plus ideas to get you started)!

6 Awesome Theme Week Ideas for your preschool gymnastics program  || || @recgympros

(Number 1 for two years in a row!!!)


Have an amazing end of 2017 and wishing you the very best for a healthy, happy and FUN 2018!



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