Zoo Animals – Dice Roll Activity


Moving like various animals is no strange concept in teaching movement in pre-school classes. We use it all the time because the kids love and understand animals. Plus it let’s them use their imagination!

Here are some of the usual classics:
– hop like a bunny
– walk like a crab
– crawl like a bear
– waddle like a duck
– jump like a frog
– run like a cheetah
– gallop like a horse
– …and the list could do on!

Here is a neat way to spice up your usual animal movement routine. Over at Kathygriffinteach.com, they have made printables to make an awesome Animal Movement Dice. Luckily, many gym already have foam cube from the pit ready to be converted! 🙂

These dice are a beacon for kids – they will want to step/kick/sit/throw/fart on them. The first time I made a dice, I didn’t use much tape – big mistake. The papers ripped right away. So, I recommend leaving no surface un-taped! Covering the whole thing with a generous layer of clear packing tape and it will for sure last longer! 🙂

This dice is great for any Zoo Themed Week!

Here is the pinterest link: