ALL the (best!) chin-up pullover drills!


All the (best) drills for teaching chin up pullovers

In gymnastics, one of the “milestone” skills for a rec athlete is the Chin-up Pullover.  From time to time, I might come across a kid with the natural strength and coordination to learn this skill quickly… but mostly kids have to work pretty hard to learn it!.

Here’s a compilation of videos on how to teach kids how to do their pullover…

This one focuses quite a bit on proper shapes… for the average rec kid, you may not focus on as much detail but there are still some great ideas in here to focus on shape and strength building.

This quick drill lets kids do the end part of the pullover.

Here is another variation on the one above that uses a little more arm strength:

And one more variation, same arm strength but now without the kick.

Here is a good little circuit just for pullovers:

Just a one foot kick:

I like how this one breaks down the steps and particularly the drill they have for the “chest up” action at the end of a pullover.

Jump to 2:10 to hear tips on spotting pullovers (and some other helpful tips too!:.

Patti Kamora has some ideas for little ones in this video. She talks about several variations for teaching pullovers, even if she only shows a couple of them. I like her rhymes & sing-songs to help kids like “Toes over your Nose” and “Chin to bar, tum to bar, kicks around the bar!” and “Chin, tum, lift the bum!”.

This last one has some pretty advanced kids demonstrating, but lots of the strengthening drills they do can be adapted or spotted for beginners.




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