CANDYLAND – Preschool Gymnastics Theme Week!


Based on the classic board game, our littlest gymnasts went on an adventure through CANDYLAND during our latest theme week!

I have to say – this has been one of my favourite theme weeks, if only becuase it meant we could go all out with the decorating!  We had tons of candies and lollipops and gumballs all over the place!

Upon arrival, coaches gave each kid a “Candyland Passport” that looked like this:

The kids got to visit each of the the CANDY “LANDS” and once done there they recieved a passport stamp!

Here is a quick view of each of the “lands”:


Don’t fall into the Gumball River — this was a classic “keep off the ground”  circuit.  We scattered poly dots on the ground to look like gumballs floating around 🙂   Kids especially loved the giant lollipop they held high while walking along the high beam.




We went  a little crazy with the red & white stripes! We did a couple unique set ups including the ladder  “monkey bars” (we had kids try hanging and moving under it, not over) and the “Bubble Gum Kick” (see video below).


This station was mostly about the decor — which was made from coloured paper plates (with painted swirls) and white streamers.  Some coaches had kids hold colourful “candy” (balloons) overhead as they jumped to add a little twist.


We made this little fort for the kiddos! They could crawl in and out as they pleased.


We had a number of extra props set up and available for the coaches to use with their kids.  The most “multi-use” prop we used were the “gum balls” which we got from the dollar store!

Overall it was a really fun theme!

If you are interested, you can download my CANDYLAND THEME WEEK GUIDE from my Patchwork Marketplace page. It includes:

  • Colourful decoration & set up ideas (in the lobby & the gym)
  • Fully illustrated with photos and explanations
  • Explanation & printables for the “Candyland Passport” activity
  • 3 pages of special warm up/group activities (with pictures and instructions)
  • Inspiration for how to use extra props
  • Printable Candy Skill Cards
  • Links to other theme week ideas!

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