Line Math Game


Who says coaches can’t help teach numeracy to our athletes?  This game ties together physical activity and some math skills. Obviously you’ll want to tailor your math questions so it fits the age group you are working with.

I especially like this idea because often groups at my gym only have a strip or two of the floor for warm up and this would easily fit within the area.  Another variation would be to give a fitness/conditioning exercise that the kids must do at the line (i.e. burpees, pushups, etc.). If you are really pressed for space have one kid go at a time, but while they take their turn the other kids can be doing jumping jacks/tuck jumps/hollow hold/etc.

Details & Instructions:

Grade level: 1-8
Equipment: Paper
Game Description: Line Math is another game that connects the two curricular areas of physical education with mathematics. Help solidify some math concepts while at the same time getting some movement skill development and exercise. Start by creating the numbers “1” to “5” written each on their own full size paper or poster. Have students start in a relay-style (small teams, maybe of 3 players, to minimize idle time). Place the number pages at different distances away from the starting line along one side of the gym (placing them at the intersections of floor lines is best). To start the game, the teacher yells out a math problem (varies in complexity depending on the age and level of the students). The first student in each line will then run the distance to the answer. For example, if “10-5” is called, the students run the distance to where the 5 is on the floor. Once back, the teacher yells out another equation, etc, etc. Try putting obstacles along the way to spice it up. Or have students hop/skip/gallop/etc instead of running. Quick little warm-up numeracy game to try out if you haven’t already!

Thanks again to PE Games for this great idea.