Rec Gym Pros featured on podcast: Rec Heads & Camp Nerds!


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing Curt Jackson and Patti Sampson from Patchwork Marketplace (the site where you can get sweet resources for low cost — AND, upload your own resources and GET PAID!  You can find my PW shop here).

They’ve recently started a podcast and I was so excited they asked me to speak with them about Rec Gym Pros and a few other things like:

  • Curt’s retelling of my life story – according to a well conducted google search
  • The meandering path that led me to be a rec director & and how RGP came to be!
  • Our mutal love of baby goats
  • Why I was terrified of an email Curt sent me last year
  • The difference between comfort zones, growth zones and panic zones — and why this is SO important when working with kids, coaches and literally anyone.
  • My opinion on what is the most important tool for designing engaging programs for kids
  • Recapping the ah-maze-ing Rec Director Summit!
  • What I’d do with unlimited legos
  • The decade of music all three of us love best

You can listen to it here!

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OR – pop on over to Patchwork Marketplace to see the awesome low cost resource for sale! They share freebies every week as well, so be sure to sign up for their mailing list!