Roundtable: “Behaviour Management” – how to get those kids to listen & behave well!


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We’ve gained quite a few new Rec Gym Pros since our last rountable, so if you are new to this project, welcome!!! I always recommend that new contributors take a couple minutes to read our Intro to Round Tables so you know what to expect and how it works.

The general idea is that in return for submitting an idea on the given topic, you’ll receive a compilation of everyone’s ideas! It’s a “give a little, get a lot” equation.

This time we are discussing:
BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT — How we get those kids to listen and behave well!

We’ve all had those kids in our preschool and youth rec classes who struggled with things like:
–  Staying with the group
–  Paying attention/listening to intructions
–  Behaving defiantly/dishing out some sassy attitude

Over time we learn and develop different ways to handle these tricky kids.

So for this Email Roundtable, please share your best tips or tricks for effective behaviour management!
What do you do to make sure your gymnasts are listening and behaving well?   Do you have a coach training tool on this subject that you could share? Do you use reward systems, sing songs to hold kids’ attention,  or instruct in a special ways to keep the kids engaged?

NOTE:  Please do not submit things like “I bribe kids with pit time”.  While I’m sure we’ve all done this, over time I’ve notived the best submissions are detailed and specific!  Consider sharing ideas that others maybe haven’t thought of yet, or have a touch of uniqueness, so that the compilation will be ful to the brim with a wide range of tips & tricks! 🙂


SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  Tuesday, February 28


HOW TO SUBMIT: Send your submission to (email, .doc or .pdf) by the deadline above.

** Please remember**

  1. Those who contribute a submission will get compilation of all the ideas I receive. Those who don’t, won’t.
  2. Please try to use proper spelling & grammar. I hate editing so please spellcheck and save my sanity 🙂
  3. Be specific. Give enough details that other Rec Gym Pros can use your idea at their gyms.
  4. Feel free to submit more that one idea.
  5. Send photos/videos/links if you have them!

If you do not want your name & email credited below your idea, please let me know when you email your submission.

I look forward to your creative input! 🙂