The TOP 10 VALENTINES WARM UP SONGS for Preschool Gymnastics!


Top 10 Valentines Theme Warm Up Songs for Preschool Gymnastics || Recreational Gymnastics Professionals || @recgympros ||

Valentines Day is coming up so it’s time to spread the love when it comes to our preschool gymnastics warm ups!

Every year at my home gym, we co-incide Valentines Day themes with “I LOVE GYMNASTICS” week.   It’s a fun way to get everyone excited about gymnastics and I just LOVE all the fun ideas that we can do during recreational classes that are themed to Valentines, hearts, love, etc.   The kids always get into it!

If you are new to theme weeks (or are looking for some inspiration), check out my PRESCHOOL GYMNASTICS — VALENTINES (and I Love Gymnastics) THEME WEEK GUIDE. It’s only $5 and it has lots of helpful tidbits, decorating ideas, games, pictures, links and printable props and more!

If you are just here for the warm up songs, look no further!

1. “The Heart Song” by the Kiboomers

2. “H-E-A-R-T”  by the Kiboomers

3. “Skinamarink” by the Kiboomers

4. “Skinamarink” by Sharon, Lois & Bram
(This is the original version of this song… complete with actions which are likely second nature to any canadians out there like me who are born before the 2000s!)

5. “Elmo & Abby’s Valentines Day Song” by Sesame Street 

6. “Valentine’s Day Song” by Jack Hartmann

7. “I’m a Little Valentine” by The Kiboomers

8. “Valentine’s Day Sharks” by PinkFong

9. “A Tisket, A Tasket” by The Kiboomers

10. “10 Little Valentines” by Mr. Mike TV


And if you are looking for a great list of adult (and a few disney) songs all themed to LOVE & HEARTS — check out the playlist below. Be warned, there is a fair bit of mo-town on that list!!!


Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day everyone!

Don’t forget to check out the Valentines Preschool Gym Theme Week guide!

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